Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 NEWS

Agenda for the Membership Meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, in the MPR at 4:30pm.

  • Membership numbers  - Dan and Mary
  • Financial report – Dan and Mary
  • Pickleball members dinner and dance – cut-off February 15 – sign-up at the courts - Cynthia
  • Report on the memorial - Erik
  • Dink tournament winners -  {tournament Feb 8-10) - Polly
  • Ladder information - Polly
  • Movie night report April 20 - Vicki
  • March pickleball breakfast date - Rich
  • Skill play times – report by Cynthia’s committee
  • Sun Village tournament report Feb. 22-26 - Bill Horton
  • Revision of the by-laws – Ted
  • Air-conditioned storage for summer - Ted

The officers for 2016 are:
President - Ted Anderson                               
Secretary - Ann Frederickson                                           
Vice-president - Rich Pearson                    
Treasurer - Dan and Mary Schwark
Member-at-large - Vicki Brown

2015 Dink Tournament
22 participated in round robin pools (using blind draw)  and results were used for seeding for the double elimination tournament the following day.

Amended 3/17/2014
ARTICLE 1 NAME: The name of the club is "Sun Village Pickleball Club," hereafter referred to
as the Club in these Bylaws.
ARTICLE 2 OBJECTIVE: The Club objective is to provide a means for enjoyable pickleball at
all levels of play for any/all residents of Sun Village. Every effort should be extended to create an
atmosphere of friendliness and fair play. All members are encouraged to participate in all the
Club events.
ARTICLE 3 MEMBERSHIP: All Club members shall comply with the current Rules,
Regulations, and Policies. Active membership in the Club shall be from January 1st through
December 31 st of each year. Any property owner or renter in good standing with Sun Village
Community Association is eligible for Club membership, but must be an owner or a renter who
has rented and been a club member for 2 consecutive years or more to hold any Club office.
The Board will consist of not more than two (2) renters at any time. Dues are payable on _
February 1 st, but not later than _ the end of February, the amount to be determined by a vote of
the membership. _
ARTICLE 4 ELECTIONS: Board Members, as described in Article 5, shall be elected in_
January of each year. A nominating committee will be appointed each year by the November
Club meeting. The committee shall prepare a slate of a least one nominee for each Board
Member position to be filled. Permission of each nominee shall be obtained prior to nomination.
Nominee names will be posted at courtside two (2) weeks prior to elections. A reasonable
attempt should be made to insure both men and women are nominated. Election of Board
Members will be at a January General Meeting. Board Members shall serve for two years _
beginning February 1st. A retiring Board member must be off the Board one (1) year before
being eligible to run again. A Board meeting of the new Board will be held prior to January
31 st and chaired by the outgoing President. The new Board will elect their officers at this
meeting for the upcoming year. If a Board Member position is vacated, that position will be
filled by an appointment by the Board, subject to membership approval.
ARTICLE 5 THE BOARD: The Sun Village Pickleball Club Board will conduct the ongoing
business of the Club and Board decisions are final.
The Board shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one At Large
member. Board Responsibilities: President: The overall operation of the Club. Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasurer, and at large member will have the usual responsibilities of these positions.
General responsibilities of the Board shall include but not limited to:
I.Court Reservations system, Drop In sign-up system and other scheduling
2.New member recruitment and Refresher Pickleball programs.
3.Club Tournaments and related activities
4.Nomination Committee for new Board Members.
5.Conduct of the day-to-day operations of the Club.

Monday, February 4, 2013

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Welcome back fellow Sun Village Pickleball Players!                                                                     January, 2013
As our season began we have had lots of interest in learning Pickleball.  We began lessons starting in Nov and have continued into the new year. Last week’s class was full, not only with sign ups, but also with people stopping by as lessons were being given by our own Chuck Beck.  Thanks to all of those who have generously given their time to teach.  We will continue with lessons twice monthly so be sure to give back by volunteering to teach.
Additional lights were added in December to enhance our courts for nighttime play. We have already started our “Happy Hour “ Pickleball play on Monday at 4:30 pm, so be sure to stop by for a drink or a game or two.  As the winter progresses we’ll see  morning play become more congested.  I have suggested some ideas for additional play during the day and evening hours as well. Try to participate in as many events as you can. I am looking forward to sharing ideas and getting suggestions and participation from all our members.
See you on the courts!
Cynthia Helfrich, President

President: Cynthia Helfrich 541 261 2234

Vice President: Bart Brinkman 503 559 1595
Secretary: Marcyes Schmaus 307 752 5722

Treasurer:Bill McWilliams 623 251 6337
Member At large:Polly Unger 623 512 1974

Play at Sun Village

Mon-Sat. 8am-12am:  Members Drop-In Play

Mondays 4:30: Happy Hour

(BYOB & snacks to share)

Tuesdays 2pm-4pm: Men’s Play
Wednesdays 2pm-4pm: Ladies Play

Thursdays & Fridays: Ladder Play 2pm-4pm.  Sign up by calling Polly @ 623.512.1974 or emailing her @

Up Coming Area Tournaments

1.      Surprise Skills Tournament  Jan 18 thru Jan 20

2.      Happy Trails Tournament Jan 21 thru Jan 25

3.      Tucson Senior Olympic Festival Jan 22 thru Jan 25

4.      Mission Royale Casa Grande Jan 30 thru Feb 2

5.      Venture Out in Mesa, AZ Feb 5-7

6.      Senior Grand Canyon Games Feb 21-24

7.      Palm Creek in Casa Grande March 5-7

8.      Sun City West’s Fun in the Sun March 11-14

For the usapa tournament listings, go to