Wednesday, November 7, 2012


(That is, if you are in Sun Village).  This is the 4th year that the Nationals Tournament is being held at Sun City Festival.  450 players from all over are competing and it's been amazing so far.  I'm a vendor and have sold items to players from Taiwan, Canada, Georgia, Texas, New York, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, etc.  We've had great weather (hot for the players), but it may turn cooler this weekend.  I highly recommend you coming to watch if you have the time.  Just drive west on Bell Road for about 15 miles.  You can't miss it.

Tournament results can be found at:

You can also see what tournaments are coming up.

Am so happy that more of our club members have been returning.  Clinics led by Cynthia and Mr. Bill have been well received.  Our lights have not been adjusted yet, but the project should be completed in the near future.

Jerry E. and Brian J. played in several tournaments this summer, but were too shy to give me their results.  Their favorite cheerleaders (Arlene and Donna) enjoyed the events, too.

I see evidence of pickleball participation growing everywhere I turn.  One community limits their players to the hours of 2-6 pm while others have "banned" paddles that they have deemed too loud.  I am thankful that our courts, community, and club are 'user friendly.'

I can't believe that I haven't updated this since September.  Guess I need you to give me some news to include.

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