Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Notes from our dear pickleball friends:

Hello all,
After a three hour flight, and a 35 minute drive home from SEATAC, it was really good to home with my bride.  This August will be 40 years for us.
Looking forward to seeing the new grandson soon.  Dave W.  (The picture of Dave's 1st grandson are adorable!-Polly)

Our sympathy goes out to Cynthia and George after the passing of Cynthia's mother on May 26. 
The following are exerpts from Howard & Barbie's note:
Dear All,
A quick line to let you know that we arrived back in Maiden Newton last Thursday.  We actually arrived in the country on Tuesday but spent a couple of nights at the Jacques so that we could meet the in-laws to be over dinner.
Barbie has been working like crazy in the garden -- weeding, thinning, trimming and planting.  I have been working on the patio furniture -- sanding, oiling and repairing. 
Our sons are arriving on Friday with their better halves. This is the big Jubilee weekend -- so Monday and Tuesday are 'bank holidays' (i.e., national holidays).  
Now we are planning our 40th.  No big party this year, but we will be celebrating it on 23rd and 24th of June.  That coincides with Maiden Newton at War -- the village's semiannual fund raising event that stars re-enactors, tanks, jeeps, etc etc.
Hope all is well with you.  Stay in touch and have a great summer.

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