Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our courts are going to be humming soon! WELCOME BACK--HURRY BACK

Bonnie and Rudy are back from a wonderful visit to Peru and ready to play pickleball.
Diane and Bob attended a grandson's wedding in Atlanta and vacationed there an extra week.
Diane and Tony will be back on October 12th. 
Wayne and Judy will be on the courts at 8am on the 10th.  Be there, or be square.  Sounds like we'll hear some interesting stories about their summer experiences!
Bud will be here on the 15th.
JJ & Sheri are back and will be working the 1st annual pickleball tourament as a vendor--(pure Energy bands) to help raise money for more courts.
Marcyes will be here on Oct. 23 for a short visit.
Fred & Jan are back after spending a month in Ocean Park, WA and a month on the road in the  northwest.
Chuck & Ruth will be spending Thanksgiving with both kids and family at the beach and be back the following week.
Howard and Barbie will be back Nov. 1st.
Robinson's will be back on Dec. 31st--starting the New Year off right, I'd say!
Lois will be here January 1, too.

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