Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minutes--April 1, 2011 Meeting

CALL TO ORDER April 1, 2011 at 11 am in the Ocotillo Room by president, Bill Horton.
ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Dave Goulette P Cynthia Helfrich P Jerry Erickson P Bill Horton P Chuck Beck P
       TREASURER REPORT $3,077.15 + $438.48

      TOURNMENT: Bill McWilliams suggested that we split days for large tournament divisions or set a time limit to stop play for the day. Set number of games in a day to be played. The committee next year will look at the best way to handle this. Cost and expense of tournament $180 less $143.79, $62.43, and $34.48 for a cost to the club of $60.70

       The general consensus of those present were that Bill McWilliams did a great job. 

       It was suggested that the Club supply T-shirts with our logo for the tournament participants next year. This was deferred to next years tournament committee.


Discussion--Having people to help with advance instructions for those who wished to participate.

Discussion--Having guests/non-members play during member's only play time.  It was suggested that a guest fee be paid (not a viable option at this time).  The solution for now:  the sign will be changed to include club member's guests.  However, the consensus was that the member and their guest should play on the same court.

Discussion--That the President write a letter to the Community Board regarding pickleball player's use of the tennis courts (when they are not being used for tennis).

SOUP NIGHT: $1,639.93 was raised and we owe Ginni a large thank you. MSP to buy Ginni a $75 gift card at Outback Steak House.

PADDLES:  MSP that we eliminate the purchase of paddles and supply a list of sources to those that want to purchase paddles.

LIGHTING OF COURTS: Purchased new ballast and light for one pole and it will be tested to see if it solves the amp problem. If it solves the amp problem there may be something done to add the needed lights.
ADJOURNMENT MSP to adjourn at 12:25
Chuck Beck, Secretary

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