Saturday, March 12, 2011


Those of us who enjoy playing on our beautiful courts have several charter members to thank: Chuck Beck,  Cliff and Georgia Bollman, Joyce and Ron Breyette, Jerry Copenhaver (the "Grandfather of SV PB), Dave Goulette, Fuz Hoxworth, Mick Kunkel, Don Lutz,  Rich Nenortas, Bud Siefert,  and Bob Treibel.

At first (in Nov '03) they played in the multipurpose room (using masking tape each time for the lines), but then (in Feb '04-Oct '08) were relegated to the far west end of the Rec Center parking lot. Finally in Dec '07, after playing on these unsafe conditions and seeing pickleball grow in the surrounding area, the Board put it up for a community vote; it passed.  Plans were designed, bids received, and construction began in Aug '08.  Actual play began on Oct. 20, 2008.  

The Sun Village Pickleball Club became official in January '09.  The first Board consisted of Bud Seifert (President), Bonnie Dean (Secretary), Wayne Stein (Treasurer), Don Lutz, and Rich Nenortas.  The first tournament was held March 24 & 25 with 50 members partcipating.

This ammenity not only adds to the value of our property, but for those of us who love to play pickleball, the friendships and competition developed at the courts cannot be measured.

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